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Plastic Surgeons 

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Welcome to
Mi Cosmetic Surgery Center 

Thank you for choosing Mi Cosmetic Surgery Center, here we guarantee a beautiful centrally located facility with a spa like feel, fully stocked with innovative equipment perfect for Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who are looking to perform cosmetic procedures using state of the art technology, coupled with remarkable comfort and care. 

Our goal is to establish a sound partnership with skilled professionals through experienced staff, quality services, and cutting-edge equipment

Although we offer state-of-the-art equipment, imaging instruments, surgical supplies and implants and sterilization tools, we happily accept surgeons who use other supplies and equipment based on clinical reasons and preferences.

Mi Cosmetic Surgery Center

We recognize that your most precious and limited resource is your time. To that end you will enjoy the most efficient day that you have ever had every day you operate at Mi Cosmetic Surgery Center (MiCS). You will have access to two operating room theaters and a team that supports your ability to eliminate turnover time. In addition you will have access to first class state of the art equipment in a safe and beautiful environment.

Your time, experience, comfort and success is optimized by the following:

  • Online hassle free boarding

  • Online credentialing

  • Zero turnover time since you will have two operating room suites

  • Ability to add a case to your surgical day for efficiencies.

  • Personalized patient care and service

  • Well organized processes

  • An outstanding experienced cosmetic surgery team

  • Experienced mature cosmetic surgery expert anesthesia providers

  • Competitive, comprehensive, and cost-effective surgery fees

  • Door to door staff and patient access and parking

  • Use of 2 fully equipped Quad A Certified Plastic Surgery state of the art surgical suites

  • Beautiful and large suites with circumferential windows and scenic views

  • Experienced cosmetic surgery surgical technologists, surgical first assistants and nurses

  • Knowledgeable cosmetic surgery nurses for personalized preoperative care and comfort

  • Nursing preoperative instruction and patient and family education

  • Experienced consistent cosmetic surgery anesthesia staff.

  • Full spectrum of anesthesia options: General anesthesia, LMA, Glideslope, inhalation,intravenous, or local with oral sedation capacity

  • Pre-operative anesthesia and nursing support to obtain surgical clearance, labs, EKG, and any other preoperative requirements.

  • Block time available on Friday

  • Flexibility to add on cases in am or pm

  • Option available for Saturday surgery

  • Complete set of intra operative breast sizers in all profiles and volume ranges

  • Full consignment of breast implants in all profiles and sizes

  • ASAPS or ASPS NBIR and Manufacturer Breast implant registration performed by nurses

  • A clean environment and healthy atmosphere

  • Preference cards which include preferred mayo set up, instruments, and sutures

  • A well-trained cosmetic surgery staff in preparing case needs, prepping patients, and supporting your intraoperative needs.

  • Outstanding infection prevention with a zero percent (0%) infection rate or incidence of breast implant removal for infection in 20 years of surgery.- Micro-aire power assisted and Vaser liposuction for faster removal with less surgeon fatigue

  • VASER Liposuction for advanced skin tightening and improved marketing

  • Quiet liposuction vacuum tower without any sound disturbance of running suction

  • Two foot-controlled liposuction cordless control

  • Closed fat infiltration with foot pedal controlled pump transfer fat with upmost sterility and greater precision and control effortlessly- Two foot-controlled infiltration pump

  • Knowledgeable staff to provide closed fat harvesting system

  • Portable lightweight Welch Allen headlights- Preoperative personalized patient preparation

  • First class Spa environment- Preoperative topical numbing for IV placement and competent nurses

  • Preoperative alcohol prep and intraoperative standing prep as requested.

  • Staff well versed in either lateral and/or prone positioning as needed.

  • Steris surgical tables with airplane, Trendelenburg, height control, full 90* upright for variable patient positioning according to surgeons’ comfort

  • Surgical table warmer which patient lies on in addition to air free warmer on top

  • Warm surgical prep and warm intravenous fluids for patient temperature optimization

  • HVAC immediately adjustable in operating room theatre for temperature control

  • Stools with foot control

  • Door to door patient care and service

  • Ability to coordinate overnight stay.

  • Rechargeable battery operated SCD’s Sequential Compression Devices to give patients as indicated for postoperative PE prevention.

  • Toradol IM if needed.

  • Full instrument sets x 3 for back-to-back cases (rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, cookie cutters, abdominoplasty, liposuction, facelift)

  • Ability to bring your own surgical assistant, or preferred team member.

  • Access to Picoway , Icon, Gentle Max pro, Coolsculpting machines

  • Ability to perform 35% TCA chemical peels

  • Access to threads, fillers, Botox,

  • Full face fat transfer apparatus and Pure graft access

  • Full breast and body fat transfer apparatus

  • Comprehensive and complete stock of bras and garment types and sizes

  • Availability of comprehensive patient preoperative – multivitamin, dressings, garments, booty pillow, bras, body garments, neck arm lower bod, and torso.

  • Central location accessible from all metro Detroit tri-county areas, Michigan, and Ohio

  • Simple freeway access and location from all directions

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